If you are reading this post it means you are in trouble configuring .pk domain on Microsoft Azure due to missing DNS settings in PKNIC Portal issued to you by the registry providers. I am writing this post to save your time as I personally spent days in figuring out how to configure a .PK domain with my web app or Virtual Machine on Azure.

So lets see how to start:


A DNS zone is used to host the DNS records for a particular domain. To start hosting your domain in Azure DNS, you need to create a DNS zone for that domain name. Each DNS record for your domain is then created inside this DNS zone. Finally, to publish your DNS zone to the Internet, you need to configure the name servers for the domain. Each of these steps is described in the following steps.

  1. Log on to your Azure Portal
  2. Search for DNS Zone and Select Create option, once you go for this step you will see the following screen/menu/blade.
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
    Fill this form according to your need and click the create button.
  3. Wait for few seconds now to let the azure portal complete the creation of DNS Zone. Once it get completed open your newly created DNS Zone and You will find the following screen:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
  4. With the creation of this DNS Zone, Now you will get upto 4 Name servers i.e Name Server 1, Name Server 2, Name Server 3 and Name server 4. Now you have to use these name servers in your PKNIC Portal to configure your domains.
  5. Log On to your PKNIC Portal.
  6. Go to My Domains -> Manage Domains and Choose your domain as shown below:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
  7. Now go to the Name Servers section of the manage domain page as shown below:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
  8. When you will click the Edit option you will be able to edit all the name servers, here you have to insert the name servers of your newly created DNS Zone in step 3 and click update name server as shown below:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
  9. At this point you have successfully connected your DNS Zone with your .PK Domain. Now few steps are left that are relevant to configuring custom domain with azure and lets see how we can do that.
  10. First of All lets add Awverify CNAME record to our DNS Zone by selecting ADD RECORD SET in DNS ZONE as shown below:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
  11. Now add another CNAME record for mapping www domain as shown below:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
  12. Just for the verification purpose make sure you have following kind of entries according to your domain name requirement as shown below in the DNS Zone:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
  13. That’s all now you have to wait from 24-48 hours for the propagation period of your newly assigned Name servers depending on your domain service provider. PKNIC usually takes 48 hours but depends on your luck as well it could take either 1,12 or 48 hours for pointing itself to newly assigned name servers.
  14. To check if the name servers are now updated, open your web app settings inside your azure portal and go to custom domain settings. Now try configuring your domain and validate it as follow:
    Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
    Here if the newly assigned name servers are updated you will see the CHECK MARK SIGN in front of domain ownership else you need to wait 🙁 as in my case shown below:Configuring .PK Domain on Azure
    I hope this article goes beneficial for you and saves your time in researching how to configure .PK Domain. If you still have any queries send me a direct mail at muhammadbilalamjad@live.com.