What you’ll learn: In this article you’ll learn how to create simple objects in unity 3D and how to work with them. We’ll also see how we can apply different operations (basic) on our objects in this tool.

Understanding the use of basic and simple objects which are already there in unity for you is very important. Although Unity provides Assets store or developers can import their own assets yet its important to learn how to use the basic objects of unity game engine.

1- From the GameObject->Create Other option menu select cube as shown below:

creating a simple object in unity

2- As you click the cube option, A cube is created in the center of the Scene viewport. To zoom, use the middle mouse roller.

To see the cube properly in the Game view, you have to move the camera. Rather than fussing with moving and rotating camera, you can set the camera to match the Scene View, where you have already adjusted the preferred  view of the cube.

3- Select the Main Camera in the Hierarchy view.

4- From the GameObject menu, choose Align with View.

The cube is now visible in the Game view and the camera preview inset in the Scene view as shown below:

setting camera in unity

When the light button is off, the scene window is lit with default lighting, a single light pointing straight into the viewport. This assures that the object  in focus is always well lit.

5- Toggle the built-in lighting off and the scene lighting on, by clicking the light button  as shown below:

turning light on and off in unity


The cube is now lit only with the scene ambient light as in the game window shown above.

Navigating the scene viewport does not affect the camera. You can also zoom in and out by positioning the cursor in the viewport, holding the Alt key and holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse back and forth.

6. Toggle the scene lighting back off in the Scene view.

7. Slowly zoom out from the cube in Scene view until a large camera icon blocks the cube.

8. Continue to zoom out, then zoom back in.

The icon changes size as you zoom in and out.

9. Click Gizmos above the Scene view and uncheck 3D supress icon scaling as shown below:

3d Gizmos in Unity

10. Deselect the camera by clicking in a blank area of the Hierarchy View.

11. Toggle off the scene Light Button.

12. To orbit the viewport around the cube, position the cursor in the viewport, hold down the Alt key and left mouse button, and move the mouse around.

The view pivots around the center of the viewport’s focal point. The cube itself is not rotated, as you can see by watching the cube in Game view.

You can pan the viewport by clicking the Pan button and then holding the left mouse button down and dragging in the viewport. You can also position the cursor in the Scene Window, hold the middle mouse roller down and move the mouse.

13. Pan the viewport so the cube is no longer centered.

14. Use the Alt key again and orbit, to see how the view still orbits its current center point, not the cube as shown below:

pan and zoom

So That’s how we can work with the objects in Unity. If you find any difficult related to this article please feel free to contact me.