What we will learn: In this article we’ll see how we can create a transparent background in Photoshop.

To create a perfect transparent background is very basic but an important thing for any graphic designer to learn.

So lets see how we can do it, follow these steps with me:

  1. Create a new Photoshop Document of any name, size and resolution. (You can skip this step by just double clicking on the photoshop work-space and importing a new image).
  2. Now import the picture to whom you want to give a transparent background. As shown below:Creating transparent background in photoshop
  3. Now select the Quick selection tool from the toolbar by right-click on the button button as shown below :
    Creating transparent background in photoshop
  4. Now its time to select our object, with the quick selection tool select your object by drawing borders. For this purpose we have different options available at the top of photoshop which helps in adding and subtracting the selection area  and are known as adding new selection area, add to selection area, subtract from selection area and are available under the menu bar selection area. In the figure First button is for adding new selection, second for add to selection area and third is for subtracting from selection area.
  5. Select adding to selection area and start selecting your object as i am doing in the following figure :
    selected area
    Now you can see that i have selected my object but its not selected perfectly as i want only the object but not a single piece of background with it but in the above figure you can see that some of the area of background is also selected so to remove that i will now use subtract from selection area and then i will remove that area which i dont want in my figure as shown below :
    transparent background in photoshopNow you can see that i’ve selected my object perfectly now its time to remove the background, after selecting the object there are different approaches to remove the background and the one which seems easy to me is just cut the object and delete the remaining picture and you can do this by rigth-click the object and select layer via cut as shown below:
    creating transparent background in photoshopThis option will create a new layer having only the object which you have selected but the object will now not be there in your original picture, if you wan’t that the original picture should not be disturbed and the object is also created in new layer then select Layer via copy option.
  6. Now from the layers just remove unwanted layers or make them invisible as shown below and you are done :
    transparent background in photoshop
  7. Now save the image in PNG,PSD and BMP formats but not in the JPEG because JPEG images doesn’t contains transparent background.

Video Tutorial