Being a blogger your Home Page  page should contain only the teaser of your post not a full story to provide ease to the reader. Lets see how we can do so.

Being a blogger one should only display the teasers of their posts rather than displaying the whole post on the main page. The reason is that when you will create more posts on your blog then your homepage will contains the full story of these posts for which reader will have to scroll down and down in order to see your latest posts which is not a good impression.

Best technique is to provide the recent posts on the home page with minimum scrolling and for this we use a concept of Excerpt.

What are excerpts ?

Excerpts are used to shorten your blog posts so that only part of the entry — usually the introduction or a summary of the post — is displayed, instead of the entire entry. Using excerpts is completely optional.

Now lets see how we can do it in wordpress.

  1. While creating a post, after writing 2,3 lines (most commonly 20-30 words are used as excerpts) just insert the read more tag by clicking readmore button available in your panel as highlighted in the figure below :add readmore

After adding the read more tag you will see the following line in your post :readmlre

Now after this line you can add details to your post. This tag will not be displayed in your post but will divide your post into two parts, the above will be shown as summary and when someone will click the read more button of your post from the homepage or from anyother page then he’ll be able to see the full post.

That’s all if you find any problem related to this post then feel free to contact me.