I founded INSTACARE PVT LTD in year 2016 to build a centralized healthcare platform in Pakistan where patients can get reliable and accessible healthcare services through the best providers despite of any distances between them through telemedicine. InstaCare has built-up a strong network of all kind of medical services providers in Pakistan.

As of now, InstaCare is the most reliable platform to find a doctor, book appointment, find lab test, book lab test, find medicines and order medicine online to get them deliver at your doorstep.

With every passing day, #INSTACARE is getting much more mature, comprehensive and closer to my dream of a centralized healthcare platform where healthcare facilities are more accessible and reliable for the People of Pakistan.

With over 22,000 Medical Facilities, InstaCare today is not just a reliable source to access doctors in the country via #Telemedicine and other methods but have also created the largest accessible network of #Diagnostics Services being provided by the most reliable laboratories of Punjab.

Today the platform serves over 2000 lab tests from the best labs including the home sampling service and medical reports delivery to your doorstep that saves you from the queues, traffic issues and time wastage in visiting the labs personally.

I invite all of my friends, colleagues and family members to have a look into the platform at www.instacare.pk and if you found it interesting and helpful then don’t forget to give your valuable feedback here:

In case of any suggestions and improvements please PM or contact me directly at bilalamjad@insta-care.net