As in one of my post in Attrayant Developers Community I told you about the new “Microsoft Spartan Browser” which is going to replace Internet explorer in upcoming Windows 10 Operating System and now its first look has been revealed by BGR.

Microsoft has started working on Spartan Browser and have assigned the task to a dedicated developers team back in September, 2014. The browser is going to be unique and different from others in terms of features but will look like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but the good thing about this browser is that it is going to be a lightweight browser as compared to chrome and firefox.

First Look

Following is the first look of new Spartan Browser revealed by BGR where facebook has been browsed and you can easily see the url navigation bar on the top with different buttons.




Features of Spartan Browser

Now lets discuss those features which makes this browser really different from others.

  1. Voice Commands
    Have you ever tried voice commands in any browser? Ofcourse not because there have been no such option in any known browser but don’t worry Microsoft is going to give you a browser that will work like your assistant. Just say it what you want to navigate e.g if you say “Go to” it will navigate to twitter and if you want to navigate the spartan to my site then just say “Go to” hopefully it will find me 😛 . Similarly if you want the spartan to add some site to your favorites then just say “Add to favorites” or if you want any website like google or Bing to be your Homepage then say “Make it my homepage”. So now you are going to have a brave spartan browser act like your assistant.
  2. Integration of other browsers
    So Web developers get ready to experience a new web browser that will allow you to test your website designs. Now no need to waste your time in viewing your website designs in different browsers separately to check its compatibility. Spartan is going to integrate all other browsers in it. Just load your site and then you can split the views according to your selected browsers in the same spartan windows. For instance i have designed a website and now i want to test that rather it will work fine on all the browsers or not then i will simply load it into spartan and will split the views by selecting push buttons for chrome , firefox etc and will see the split views on the same spartan screen.
  3. Lightweight browser
    Unlike google chrome and firefox Spartan browser will be one the lightweight browser that will act just like a real spartan on your computer and will not decrease efficiency of the computer.

So microsoft is now consistently working on this spartan and will show it in “The Next Chapter” event on 21st january 2015.