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How to use ViewBag and ViewData in ASP.NET MVC

Here you will learn how to transfer data from Controller to View through ViewBag and ViewData.The main purpose of both ViewBag and ViewData is to transfer data from Controller to View. ViewBag: ViewBag is a dynamic property. ViewBag is able to set and get value... read more

ASP.NET MVC Request Life Cycle

While programming with ASP.NET MVC, you should be aware of the life of an MVC request from birth to death. Here you will learn MVC pipeline and the life of an HTTP request as it travels through the MVC framework in ASP.NET. At a high level, a life cycle is... read more

How to Import Excel File in ASP.NET MVC Application

Here you will learn how to read data from excel file and upload it in your database. We will be using Microsoft Office  Interop Excel assembly for reading excel file.Just follow these steps one by one : Step 1: Create a table in Sql Server as shown below : Step 2:... read more

Deploy ASP.NET Web Application on Your Local IIS Server

Here we will learn step by step process to deploy or publish ASP.NET Web Application using File System option in visual studio. To publish and deploy application here we are going to use simple Web Application which we already created for deployment... read more
Shared Projects in Asp.Net MVC

Shared Projects in Asp.Net MVC

As software developers, copy-pasting some code or a few files and having it in multiple places has always been smelly. There are several different avenues that you can take to avoid this kind of redundancy, but this post will focus on one that it seems isn’t... read more
10 Coolest Features of Visual Studio Code

10 Coolest Features of Visual Studio Code

If you have been following the Microsoft developer space of late, you may have thought to yourself, “It’s a new Microsoft.” These realizations were none the more evident than if you attended the recent //BUILD developer conference. Change is in the air for Microsoft... read more
Mentor at LMKT Spark – Microsoft AppFactory Program

Mentor at LMKT Spark – Microsoft AppFactory Program

LMKT in partnership with Microsoft is setting up a state of the art facility in Lahore called ‘SPARK’ to support the indigenous startup ecosystem in the Country. SPARK will serve as a shared space to promote innovation and collaboration providing all the requisite... read more

Mentoring the Internees at Attrayant, Lahore

Attrayant Designs Pvt Ltd is a Lahore based Software Development company and is very well known in providing opportunities to people and helping them in entering in the market. Due to its good mission I’ve been a part of its internship programme as Mentor and... read more

ASP.NET MVC 5 app with SMS and email Two-Factor Authentication

Create a new ASP.NET Web project and select the MVC template. Web Forms also supports ASP.NET Identity, so you could follow similar steps in a web forms app. Leave the default authentication as Individual User Accounts. If you’d like to host the app in Azure,... read more

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First Microsoft MVP Led TechDays Goes Global

UK TECHDAYS So Guys the news is out and its great. Microsoft have made its TechDays Global as this time the entire event is going to host on Channel 9 and any one can watch it live from any corner of the world. If you want to learn and see how Microsoft is doing great... read more

Tempo – Tiny Weather Forecaster built on Microsoft Bot Framework

Temp, This tiny weather forecaster was built by me (Bilal Amjad) to experience new Microsoft Bot Framework preview and it turned out to be a great experience. A tiny weather forecaster, tempo need to know in a city name and it will tell you the weather condition there. Its fun to work with Microsoft Bot Framework

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A FREE fully-featured edition of Visual Studio!

Among yesterday’s great product launches by Microsoft, was the FREE unrestricted version of Visual Studio – Visual Studio Community Edition 2013. What I didn’t notice is that “this version lets developers target any platform from desktop and mobile to web and cloud”. Instead of waiting for Visual Studio 2015, we can start creating Android and iOS applications as from today!

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