The uCalc Search/Transform extension for Visual Studio takes search and refactoring to a new level.

Why search for just one thing at a time, when you can find as many things as you want simultaneously?

Gone are the days of old fashioned Ctrl-F type searches that limited you to words and phrases, or complicated regex patterns that still couldn’t capture everything you wanted. Check out intuitive uCalc patterns. Just combine tokens (words/symbols) and parmeters (which capture everything up to the next anchor token or delimeter).

Thought that was pretty cool? How about nested patterns?

Once you start designing fancy searches and transforms, you’ll want to save them for later reuse.

At its simplest you can think of the Transform part as an innovative alternative to the old-fashioned Ctrl-H Search/Replace. uCalc, gives you full control over refactoring your code exactly they way you want it.

Here we want to move the ++ operator from after the counter variable to before the variable inside of “for” loops. We also want to change an if statement to a simpler ternary conditional operation.