Microsoft PowerApps is a new enterprise service that empowers innovators everywhere to connect, create and share business apps with team members on any device in minutes.

PowerApps unlocks the value of existing systems and data by giving employees the ability to access information in the way they need to be more productive. For business users and developers alike, PowerApps makes it easy to quickly create new apps, connect your systems and share apps with anyone on your team. With PowerApps, companies can build the apps that their business demands at the pace it demands—in a secure and reliable way.

PowerApps provides benefits across the entire organization:

  • Business Users – Create, connect, and share apps quickly with anyone on your team
  • Developers – Expose data and services to empower everyone to innovate on their own, and continue to create native web and mobile apps and APIs with Azure App Service
  • IT Professionals – Manage data and app sharing in a controlled and secure way

PowerApps for Developers

Developers play a critical part in PowerApps. By connecting data and systems across an organization developers enable the rest of the business to create the functional and useful apps they need. The sessions below highlight the ways you can leverage existing development skills and technical investments with PowerApps.

Join Scott Hanselman as he takes a tour through PowerApps and what it means for developers, how it leverages Azure App Service, and what developers can do today to prepare their organizations for PowerApps.Then watch Guang Yang, Scott Hunter and Kirill Gavrylyuk from the Azure product team take you through the details of how to create, consume and manage API’s and logic in PowerAppsand native mobile apps.