LMKT in partnership with Microsoft is setting up a state of the art facility in Lahore called ‘SPARK’ to support the indigenous startup ecosystem in the Country. SPARK will serve as a shared space to promote innovation and collaboration providing all the requisite tools and resources to empower entrepreneurs, professionals and students. The goal is this center is to create sustainable employment opportunities in the region as well as the Country. Trainings and professional development programs are aimed at developing a highly competitive workforce in the ICT space. SPARK will be supported by industry leading partners, ISVs and relevant public-sector entities.

Microsoft AppFactory– SPARK is exclusively managing Microsoft’s premier app development program, AppFactory, affording talented developers in creating inventive mobile applications. As part of this program, top talent from the country including young developers will get to work with renowned industry experts and innovative technologies in a bid to create world class apps. AppFactory’s hands-on methodology affords app developers to work on live projects and with real customers under the tutelage of experienced international mentors. The skills acquired as part of this program will not only provide young entrepreneurs with the toolset to create high quality apps but will also greatly enhance career prospects for professionals around the world. Furthermore, AppFactory will also train and support start-ups and entrepreneurs in marketing their products to domestic and international markets through the Microsoft Application Catalog Development with the assistance of Microsoft Lead Generation Managers. The initiatives can immensely help an array of high quality products and applications developed as part of the LMKT SPARK platform.

Being a mentor at LMKT Spark program is really an honor for me and the mission is to empower young entrepreneurs and professionals with modern IT Skills for their successful career, designing robust IT architecture on which their super awesome products can build and progress for years.