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Finest Error handling in ASP.NET MVC

Error handling is an important part of any application. There are several ways through which we can handle errors in an application.In this article we will cover the best way to do error handling in ASP.NET MVC application. 4 Ways to do MVC Error Handling:... read more

C# Exception Logging Best Practices

Proper exception handling is critical for any application. A key component to that is logging the exceptions to a logging library so that you can record that the exceptions occurred. We suggest logging your exceptions using NLog, Serilog, or log4net. All three... read more

How to Subscribe to First Chance Exceptions in Your Code

The .NET Framework provides a way to subscribe to an event to get a callback anytime an Exception occurs. You could use this to capture all of the exceptions. I would suggest potentially subscribing to them and just outputting them to your Debug window. This would... read more

How to Enable First Chance Exceptions With Visual Studio

When you run your application within Visual Studio, with the debugger running, you can set Visual Studio to break anytime a C# Exception is thrown. This can help you find exceptions in your code that you did not know existed. To access Exception Settings, go to Debug... read more

How to Find Hidden .NET Exceptions

What Are First Chance Exceptions? It is normal for a lot of exceptions to be thrown, caught, and then ignored. The internals of the .NET Framework even throws some exceptions that are discarded. One of the features of C# is something called first chance exceptions. It... read more

How to Create Your Own C# Custom Exception Types

Customization and Localization is the most important thing every pro developer does. This article will help understanding the use of custom exceptions in C# to provide better user and developer experience during development and after development. C# exceptions are... read more

Right Way Of Exception Handling in C#.NET

Being a professional .NET Developer it is important to understand the best practices for Exceptional handling in C# which can lead you towards successful development of smooth software solutions. What is an Exception? Exceptions are a type of error that occurs during... read more

How to use ViewBag and ViewData in ASP.NET MVC

Here you will learn how to transfer data from Controller to View through ViewBag and ViewData.The main purpose of both ViewBag and ViewData is to transfer data from Controller to View. ViewBag: ViewBag is a dynamic property. ViewBag is able to set and get value... read more

ASP.NET MVC Request Life Cycle

While programming with ASP.NET MVC, you should be aware of the life of an MVC request from birth to death. Here you will learn MVC pipeline and the life of an HTTP request as it travels through the MVC framework in ASP.NET. At a high level, a life cycle is... read more

How to Import Excel File in ASP.NET MVC Application

Here you will learn how to read data from excel file and upload it in your database. We will be using Microsoft Office  Interop Excel assembly for reading excel file.Just follow these steps one by one : Step 1: Create a table in Sql Server as shown below : Step 2:... read more

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Building Robust .NET Web Apps – Workshop

Being a Founder of Software company in Lahore, Attrayant Designs Pvt Ltd I always tried to create opportunities for for students and passionate learners. On June 7th- June 10th I organized a hands on technical Workshop on building robust applications to help the fresh... read more

InstaCare is making noise in Pakistan

I founded INSTACARE PVT LTD in year 2016 to build a centralized healthcare platform in Pakistan where patients can get reliable and accessible healthcare services through the best providers despite of any distances between them through telemedicine. InstaCare has... read more

Visual Studio Code March 18

Microsoft has released the latest version of Visual Studio 1.22 recently with a few additions and improvements to it. The primary feature that Microsoft has introduced is called “Logpoints”. The idea of Logpoints is very literal – i.e. these are the breakpoints while... read more

Codealike is free for Microsoft MVPs

What is Codealike Codealike is a service that gives you insight about how you code. It also helps you understand how you spend your time and compare to other developers. Codealike remembers everything you do on the code, so you don’t have to. It integrates to... read more