What you will learn  In this lesson we’ll see how we can use the toolbox of Photoshop cs6. We’ll explore all the elements available in toolbox and will see what they are actually for.

Assumptions: I’m assuming that you guys have installed Photoshop on your computers and are ready to perform all the steps with me.

For beginners this lesson is very much important as the understanding of basic tools of photoshop helps in producing good graphics. The Photoshop Tool Bar is the heart of the Photoshop CS6 image-editing program. Learning what the tools are and what they can do is one of the very first things that a new Photoshop user should do

Understanding the Toolbar

If the Tool Bar is not visible, click Window on the Menu bar at the top of the screen.  A drop down menu will appear.  Then click Tools and the Tool Bar will be  displayed. The Tool Bar is illustrated below.  Note that the actual tools displayed will depend on the settings left by the last user.  In most instances, clicking and holding on one of the Buttons can access several tools.  This illustration shows many of the typical tools. In Photoshop CS6 the Tool Bar may be displayed in one of two ways.  A long narrow tool bar may appear when the Tools option is selected from the menu under Window. The Tool Bar can also be set to have more compact appearance.  The images below illustrate the differences. photoshop toolbars tool windowsA small pair of arrow heads above and to the left of the Tool Bar control whether the Tool Bar is extended or compact. When then arrows point to  the left, the Tool Bar is compact. When they point to the right, the  Tool bar is extended.

Tools available in Photoshop

tools in ps

Many of the controls on the toolbar have more controls inside them, to reveal them just right click on the control. For example inside Fill tool, gradient tool is available so when you will right click on the fill tool you will see all the further available tools inside fill tool.

Using Tools

To use any tool, simply click once on the appropriate button to select it. The tool will then become active and can be used in the Photoshop workspace. Many tools can be modified or adjusted depending on the task. The Photoshop Help or reference books will assist in perfecting good tool techniques and methods.

Functions of Popular Tools

Because Photoshop has so many features, and because it can be highly complex, it is not possible to discuss every tool and option available in this document. However, descriptions of several of the most popular tools are as follow:

Rectangular Marquee rectangular marquee This tool allows the user to select rectangular shaped areas within an image. The areas can then be copied or cut and then pasted into new layers. The tool also can become a bounding border for “pouring” color with the Paint Bucket or Gradient tools. Other marquee tools are available by clicking and holding the button.

Move Toolmove tool The Move tool is used to move selected layers around. Clicking and holding the mouse button can adjust the positions of layer elements. This tool is also used to set and move Guide Lines.

Lasso Tool Lasso Tool This tool is used to select parts of a layer for editing. There are other types of lassos available, including a Magnetic Lasso and Polygonal Lasso.

Magic Wand magic wand tool The Magic Wand is used to select portions of an image based on color. Sections of the same color are selected when the wand it touched on the desired color and the mouse if left clicked.

Crop Tool crop tool The Crop tool is an important tool for making adjustments to the overall size of an image. Using the Crop tool affects the size of the whole image, not just a single layer. This is a powerful tool and must be used carefully.

Healing Tool healing tool This is an especially helpful tool that is new starting in Photoshop. It is used to remove dust marks and scratches from photographs. The Patch tool is found at the same position on the Tool Bar, but is used to repair areas of a photograph that are larger than the typical scratch.

Clone Tool Clone tool The Clone tool is used to copy portions of a layer from one area to another. It is similar to the Rubber Stamp tool found in earlier versions of Photoshop.

Paint Bucket Paint Bucket This tool is used to “pour” areas of color onto a layer. It is especially useful when used with a marquee. The Gradient tool is found in the same location.

Eraser Eraser The Eraser is used to remove portions of a layer. Its size can be adjusted so that it can be used very delicately or quite grossly.

Blur ToolBlur tool The Blur tool is used to selectively blur areas of a layer. The amount of blur can be controlled. It is especially handy when blending colors or objects.

Text Tool Text Tool This is the tool that is used to add to an image and to edit existing text. Size, color, and other attributes of the text can be specified and adjusted.

Zoom Tool Zoom Tool This is a very handy tool used to quickly zoom in or out of an image.